May 15 - June 7, 2008

532 Gallery / Thomas Jaeckel

532 west 25th street, 2nd floor

Marcy Brafman’s paintings deal with the dark and light of the cultural landscape and the nature of character. They reflect on the demons and deities of the memory as seen on television, billboards, boxtops, catechisms, illustrated classic comic books, masterpieces in the Frick, old paperback covers, graffiti and signage on moving vehicles and packaging detritus of every shape and kind. Concern with brand identity as a genuine spiritual state plays a strong role in the work, an examination of painting as a mirror to internal and external states, individual and social intentions. Each painting represents a logo poem, a distillation of an array of ideas into a simple painted statement. Each one plays a character in a private cast alphabet.

These paint driven works portray good and evil, ascension, escape, truth, myth, judgment, consequence and destiny. One Shot oil enamel and spray paint form these works. Glossy in their toxicity, pummeled into image, their root meaning and references allow the viewer access to the idiom of old time sign painters and street artists.

{Statement by Artist}