July 7-August 6, 2006: REBECCA HACKEMANN: “PEEK”

1080 Manahttan Avenue, between Dupont
and Eagle Streets, Brooklyn NY, 718. 609.9629

Lynda Mahan: lynda@daboragallery.com
URL: http://www.daboragallery.com

Article Projects and Dabora Gallery are proud to exhibit “Peek” by Rebecca Hackemann, a storefront installation of the artist’s stereoscopes, which make certain participatory demands upon the viewer, to gaze into the twin eyeholes to see the art—and when facing the images contained inside, one is also called upon to read the messages that accompany them, putting together the separate elements of a complicated esthetic event that is both imagistic and linguistic at the same time. Each of the collages in her stereoscopes is part quandary and part parable.

Rebecca Hackemann is a contemporary artist whose pieces stretch the definition of fine art black and white photography as language and formally as flat image on the wall. Photography and sculpture are combined into “photo based” work or optical sculptures that humorously address contemporary political and societal issues as well as language and how it's meaning is constructed. The work most often consists of an installation of handwritten text on the walls as we well as hung white boxes, which the viewer peers into through 2 lensed peepholes. Inside these optical sculptures are stereoscopic black and white constructed photographs (silver gelatin prints)of a fictional world with text. By looking through the lenses the viewer sees the images in 3-D–thus the sculpture acts as both a stereo viewer and a conceptual container with its own inscriptions.