Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The Wyndam Garden Hotel
37 West 24th Street, Rooms 301 & 302
March 6 to March 8, 2009
/ 3-10 p.m. each day

Shelly Bahl, Peggy Bates, Christie Blizard, Marcy Brafman, Amy Chaiklin
Chrissy Conant, Katherine Daniels, Gregory De La Haba, Romain Erkiletlian
Carla Gannis, Sean Greene, Joanna Hoar-Vea, Isolde Kille, Marni Kotak
Mary Murphy, Leah Oates, Sarah Olson, Sono Osato, Pierre St. Jacques
Margie Steinmann, Mary Ann Strandell, Teressa Valla, Mimi Wlodarczyk

In most cases, names below are links to individual artist websites

Shelly Bahl

Peggy Bates

Christie Blizard

Marcy Brafman

Amy Chaiklin

Chrissy Conant

Katherine Daniels

Gregory De La Haba

Romain Erkiletlian

Carla Gannis

Sean Greene

Joanna Hoar-Vea

Isolde Kille

Marni Kotak

Mary Murphy

Leah Oates

Sarah Olson

Sono Osato

Pierre St. Jacques

Margie Steinmann

Teressa Valla

Mimi Wlodarczyk


Tuesday, February 03, 2009


January 31-March 1, 2009

Curated by David Gibson and Trevor Richardson
Herter Gallery The University of Massachusetts in Amherst

David Brody, Joomi Chung, Diana Cooper, Vernon Fisher, Richard Garrison, Emily Ginsburg, Barry Le Va, Mark Lombardi, Marco Maggi, Dominic McGill, Rebecca Riley, Jane South, Dannielle Tegeder, Dan Zeller

JOOMI CHUNG, Vertigo, ink drawing
on acetate roll, 20" x 100" © 2008

DIANA COOPER, Experiments in 3D, ink, acrylic
and felt pen on canvas, 88" x 142" © 2005

VERNON FISHER, The Way of Zen, oil and
acrylic on canvas, 84" x 96" © 2007

Dominic McGill, Master of Bad Trips
graphite on paper, 51.75" x 64" © 2005